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ComposerPhillip Ragsdell
Genre Jazz / Instrumental
Instrumentation Piano, Trumpet, Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Vibraphone, Alto Saxophone, Drum set
Scored forSeptet
Type of scoreFull score, Parts
Difficulty Medium
Year of composition 2014
Changer is a fusion of different tempos, styles and with strong harmonic interjections. It starts with a distinctive bassline which runs through the whole chart.The vibraphone features in the early sections with a hypnotic rhythmical phrase on which the other instruments solo over. The slow middle section is it vibraphone solo which is written out and should be accompanied by the bass. However please note that if vibraphone player not available then parts can be covered by the piano. This is annotated in the score and parts. Please note that drum part is a guide and the Drummer should feel free to experiment with the feel.
Changer. Has been performed at a few gigs now and works well. It has an upbeat fieel with the soloistic middle section and concludes with a lively finish.
It is written for saxophone, Trumpet, vibraphone, piano, guitar, bass, and drum kit.however it can be performed without a trumpet or vibraphone.

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